At 7.30 in the morning yesterday I picked up my little sister Nora at our mom’s place. We were going on a quick trip to our beautiful capital. Right now I am sitting on the train on the way home again, so what better time to scribble down what has happened since I picked her up. It is kind of nice that NSB has free wifi on their trains but they could install power outlets next to every seat too, haha.

We drove in my tiny slow blue golf to Oppdal to catch the train going to Oslo S. We arrived a bit early so we just sat in the sun and enjoyed it for a bit. On the train I listened to podcast, music, we talked some shit and there was a lot of laughter. Five hours flew by and suddenly we were on Oslo S!

When we arrived we hurried into our hotel Scandic Byporten and threw our bags down before we headed out the door. The hotel was beautiful and in the middle of everything a person should need, so I really recommend it to anybody that’s going to Oslo. I am not the best blogger yet so I totally forgot to take pictures of the room, haha. I promise I will get better.

The next thing on our agenda was to find something to eat. Friday’s was right outside of the hotel so it was quite easy to go there. But, I do not think I am going to eat there again. The food was delicious, but my little sister found a hair in her food, I got a knife with leftovers on it and the people working there did not seem that keen on customer service. Unfortunately.

After that, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up. The reason we went to Oslo was that both I and my little sister got tickets to a Demi Lovato concerts as birthday presents from our dear mom and for me stepdad! The concert itself I will write about in a separate post because it really deserves that!

Sunniva Prue

After the concert, the both of us were exhausted so it did not take long from our heads hit the pillows until we both were dreaming. This made it pretty easy for us to get up in the morning and grab some food at the breakfast buffet. I love staying at hotels much because of the breakfast! It is so nice to be served so many yummy things that I can stuff my face with!

Since then we have been completely relaxed. We walked around the mall the hotel was in for a while just to make time pass. We made a quick stop at Starbucks too. One of the nicest things I know about being in bigger places is people watching. When you just sit there and look at all the different people walking by.

Considering everything this has been a nice trip to Oslo with my little sister, which by the was is having her birthday today! Happy birthday! Now I am gonna close the MacBook and put some headphones in my ear so I can relax the rest of the trip home. We still have a few hours of travel in front of us.

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