Sunny days

The last few days the weather has been completely amazing! The sun has been shining like a maniac and the heat has been incredible. It is almost too hot, at least today. Yr said that it was 28°C but it felt more like 40°C. Unfortunately, there is no porch next to my apartment so to get the most out of the nice weather I have spent these sunny days at my mom’s place. Not that I am complaining, it is always nice to have some quality time with my dear mom.

I do not have any particular tan yet, but I can not expect to get that much color in a day or two when I rub my entire body in sunscreen. It is better to spend longer time on the color than to end up red like a lobster or worse. My freckles pop out like leaves on a birch tree in spring anyway.

We went to the store today and I just had to buy both watermelon and ice cream. There is nothing better to eat in the heat! Bite after bite of melon was swallowed and I have eaten quite a lot of ice cream too. It is not gonna be long until I sneak over to the freezer and eat one more. I have to enjoy the summer while it is here.

I am really tired and ready for bed soon. These sunny days are good for body and spirit but it is almost as good when the evening arrives. I am far from used to this heat that has covered our country, but I am not complaining – that is for sure!

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