Ten questions

I have a small plan that I am going to start publishing stuff on my blog again so to get over the whole I-am-scared-to-publish-something thing I have going I thought it would be nice with a little list.

1. What was the first thing you thought of when you looked in the mirror this morning?
That my hair straightener really should get out of the drawer and fix that crows nest I had on the top of my head.

2. Who is the fourth person on your missed calls list?
Some telemarketer. I have gotten this little helper from Gulesider that tells me if it is telemarketers that are calling so I can avoid those calls.

3. What does the last text in your inbox say?
“Hi! Your package is on its way!” from PostNord. I am going to Oslo on Friday so I really hope the package of clothes I have ordered are going to arrive before I leave.

4. What are you wearing right now?
T-shirt and panties. It is way too hot these days, so after I shower for the evening it is tempting to walk around completely naked – but I do not think that the people that might walk by the apartment would think it is as nice as I would.

5. What word are you guilty of using again and again?
Hubby is probably the word that leaves my mouth the most. I am guilty of talking way too much about my husband.

6. Your favorite age so far in life?
That has to be either 12 when the summers seemed to last forever or the age I am in right now.

7. What is the background on your computer?

8. What was the last thing you told somebody today? 
“Byeeeee” to my bestie over video chat. We do not talk that often but when we first do we end up talking for hours.

9. If you could change your name, what would you change it too? 
Oline, I think it is such a beautiful name and it was my great grandmothers.

10. Wich picture on your Instagram has the most likes? 

I would love it if you followed me on Instagram: sunniva_prue. I post everyday life there!


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