One week left

My husband is laying on the couch a meter away from me. In a week he is going to be exactly 5504 kilometers away in a small town in Connecticut, USA. I am going to be alone for three months. Again. It is going to be weird that the apartment is empty. Nobody there to pull me close in the night. No laughter spreading in the apartment. Nobody stealing kisses while I am completely focused on something. Nobody to share dinner with. Nobody throwing clothes in places where clothes don’t belong. Nobody looking at me when he is thinking I am not paying attention. Nobody playing the guitar. Nobody.

He has to be gone for 90 days. He is coming back here where he belongs in June. You could think we are starting to get used to this by now. But you never get used to being away from the one you love. If it is for a day, a week or three months. It is just as hard every time. We have both become addicted to each other. The closeness. I am forever grateful for the opportunity we have to use FaceTime. Even when we are on different sides of the globe we can still talk together and see each other. Nurture the love.

I am going to enjoy these last seven days. Save the kisses, hugs, and snuggles in the back of my mind so I can pull them out again when I start missing him. Luckily I have my family and friends around me that keeps their doors open if I need it. Speaking of that I feel sorrier for him. He is leaving his family, the ones he loves the most. I am already looking forward to picking him up at the airport at the beginning of summer. Maybe I will almost run my mother in law down this time too.

For those of you that are new here, I am going to write a post about the entire reason why A has to leave at a later time. 

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