A whole new world

For several years I have mentioned now and again that I feel that I can’t see properly and that I maybe should look into getting glasses. I have also gotten really tired after long car rides or at school where I’ve had to focus on something that’s far away. My dad has kept nagging me for what feels like forever about going to an optician so I could check my eyes. Two weeks ago he finally dragged me to Specsavers and that was highly necessary, to say the least!  A very kind lady took me into a small room with big machines where she got me to read letter after letter and let her know if I could see them clearly or not. She explained what she was doing down to a tee so I felt I had complete control the entire time. After some tests she told me that I was nearsighted on both eyes and to top it off I had astigmatism. I needed glasses!

I got a lot of help to find the perfect glasses. I had two demands; that they were black and that the edges weren’t to thin. The lady that helped me was patient, which was a good thing considering your glasses are one of the first things somebody notices when they see you. After a while of doing the whole glasses on – glasses of – maybe, no, I ended up with these glasses from Superdry.

Briller - Sunniva Prue Briller - Sunniva Prue

After a week I got a text that the glasses were done getting customized and I dragged my little sister with me to Kristiansund straight away. It was a COMPLETELY new world when I put the glasses on! It was then it hit me how bad my sight really is. On the drive home I kept lifting my glasses up and down to make the license plate on the car in front of us go from blurry shapes without any meaning to an actual number.

The last few days I’ve gotten used to a life with glasses. I’m still on that stage where I don’t need to wear them all the time, but if I put them on during the day I can’t take them off again before I go to bed. Earlier tonight I and my husband laid down in bed to relax for a while and when I was laying there with my eyes closed waiting for sleep to catch up with me I caught myself thinking “I need to take the glasses of first” and then I realized I’ve already done it. That must be a good sign that I’m getting used to my new aid.

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