Sunday night and knitting

My work weekend is over, my husband is out on a little guys night and I’m watching Keeping up with the Kardashians while I’m knitting. It feels really nice to completely relax with simple entertainment after a long weekend. Late shift Saturday and early shift Sunday makes it hard to relax between shifts, but the work weekend seems shorter. I took a short (ahem, two hour) nap earlier tonight. When I woke up I barely knew what time it was or where I was. That’s when you know the nap was needed, haha.

Sunniva Prue Sunniva Prue Sunniva PrueSunniva Prue

I am currently knitting my third Nancy jacket. The first one was for my self, the second one for my little sister and this one is going to a friend of mine in the states next time Alex is flying over the big lake. I think it’s really fun that she wanted me to knit her a jacked. She just had to have it because it was a Sunniva original, haha.

Now I am going to get real comfortable and continue with the jacket before I am heading out on the slippery ice roads to pick up my husband. I can’t say I am looking forward to driving extremely slow so I don’t go off the road, but it feels so nice to get him home for the night too. Weird how addicted you can get to share a small bed with somebody else.


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