50 questions and answers

So you guys can get to know the girl behind the computer a bit better I thought that this list would do good. Here you get to know a little bit about everything so you maybe get a better impression on who I am.

1. What was the last thing you scribbled on a paper?
An report of what has happened during the day at work.

2. What do you always keep in your purse?
Keys, gum, lip balm, drivers license, phone and bank card.

3. What do you order in an café? 
The first thing I see that’s tempting. And ice tea.

4. What apps do you use daily?
Instagram, Jodel, Clue and Facebook.

5. Who do you call when you’re angry/sad?
One of three amazing people, my best friend, my husband and my mom.

6. What color is your toothbrush? 
It’s white and pink.

7. Do you know how to change the oil on a car?
I’ve never tried it before, but if I absolutely had to I think I would manage.

8. What kind of pets have you had?
Several cats, a bunny and two rats. I really want a dog.

9. Do you have any piercings? 
Yes, two in each ear. I had one on my upper lip in my teens.

10. Norway at it’s best?
The mountains, fjords and the fact that we have all four seasons.

11. What makes you upset? 
When people don’t listen to what I have to say. When I try so hard to make something happen but it doesn’t work.

12. What makes you happy? 
A good hug from A. When people laugh at my jokes. When people see a picture on Facebook and tag me in it because they thought of me when they saw it. The little things in life.

13. What’s your dream job?
My dream job would have to be YouTube and blog full time, but that’s probably never gonna happen. So I’m aiming on nurse instead as a good number two.

14. Do you subscribe to a magazine?

15. What was the last thing you bought? 
If we take groceries and stuff like that away, it must be the PlayStation 4.

16. Do you like chinese food? 
Chinese food is the best freaking thing I know!

17. When was the last time you visited a church? 
When my little sister got “confirmated” last year. I am not a big fan of church so I don’t go there more than I absolutely have to.

18. What’s the most special anybody has done for you?
It’s so much I can’t decide on one!

19. Have you ever been in an ambulance?

20. Do you know how to roll your tongue?
I can make an O with it but not much more than that.

21. How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning?
Anywhere between five minutes and two hours. It really depends on where I’m going.

22. Do you curse much?
Way to much. In both norwegian and english. Often in the same sentence.

23. What’s the longest you have ever camped in a tent?
One night.

24. How many siblings do you have?
A big brother and a little sister.

25. What kind of education do you have?
I have zero education but I hope to get one someday.

Sunniva Prue

26. How many places have you lived? 
Tingvoll, Molde, Trondheim. Two months in USA if we count my stay there with A.

27. What body part are you most satisfied with?
My boobs.

28. What body part are least satisfied with? 
My tummy. I am trying to overcome my bad self esteem but it’s a long process!

29. Is it important to celebrate birthdays?
I really love birthdays! We celebrate that we have been on earth for one more year with the people we love. I really don’t get people that don’t like to celebrate their birthday. A year older is way better than not being here anymore.

30. Have you kept any clothes from when you were little?
My mom has some boxes and bags stacked away somewhere. If I ever have a baby of my own it would be fun to take it out again.

31. What’s one thing that’s annoying about blogging? 
That I’m not confident enough in myself to self promote. I still struggle with telling friend that I blog because I feel people think it’s stupid.

32. How many glasses of water do you drink a day?
None. Except for when I am at work. I can drink a liter or two during a shift. I really should try and drink more water!

33. When do you go to bed at night?
It usually is around midnight but sometimes I am so tired I can go to bed around nine as well.

34. Favorite subject in school?
English or arts and crafts. Language and creativity!

35. Chips or chocolate?
Chips AND chocolate! One of each at the same time!

36. Last movie you saw?
Some christmas movie.

37. The most romantic thing you have done?
That must be to say “I do” to my dear A in a small intimate ceremony ♥

38. The perfect hostess gift?
Alcohol of some kind or chocolate. Maybe both?

39. How old is your mom?
49 but young at heart!

40. Have you ever been in the paper?
I’ve been in the paper a bunch of times. The last one was when me and A got married. Our wedding was historical because we were the first ones in Tingvoll to get wed by the major. That’s not bad!

41. A quote you like? 
The one I have on my shoulder: “Dream as if you´ll live forever. Live as if you´ll die today.”

42. What color is your favorite on your nails?
Pink, bright orange, dark pink or black.

43. Who’s your role model? 
My biggest role model is definitely my mom ♥

44. Are you vain? 
Yes and no. I have no problem leaving the house with my hair in a messy bun and zero make up but I can also sit for hours and play with make up.

45. Is there anything you really want to do but haven’t had the opportunity, time or money for? 
The first thing that I can think of is owning a house or an apartment.

46. Have you been married or engaged? 
I am married.

47. What do you rather buy; shoes, bags or clothes? 
Clothes. I can never find any shoes I like and I only buy bags because the old one is falling apart.

48. Do you feel old or young for your age? 
It changes day to day. As a wife I feel old for my age but when I am out partying with good friends I can feel 18 again.

49. Which bad habits do you have? 
I procrastinate to much, eat way to unhealthy, don’t exercise enough, spend to much money on stuff I don’t need, I don’t save enough money and I am addicted to my phone.

50. What are you gonna do when you’re done answering these questions? 
Eat lasagna with my husband.

I borrowed the list from Julie Eilén.


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